Bodegas Obalo launches a new logo linked to the Rioja wine culture

Bodegas Obalo has just launch a new logo that is intimately linked to the Rioja wine culture and history.

Within the Riojan landscape there are remains that testify to the enormous tradition of the area. Among these elements, the winepresses stand out, rustic medieval constructions made of stone characteristic of the Rioja Alavesa-Sonsierra area, where 95% of the 200 that are catalogued in the D.O.Ca. Rioja.

These winepresses were used to crush the grapes in the vineyard itself and extract the must. The grapes were stepped on in the larger pile and, by gravity, the must fell into the smaller pile. There are theories that say that this was a way of surviving in a climate of war (12th-15th centuries) as these structures were impossible to steal, burn or break.

The logo of Bodegas Obalo is inspired by these constructions to pay homage to this tradition and serves as an excuse to tell the story of these elements that we think have an undeniable cultural value and speak of the idiosyncrasy and way of life of an area that is nowadays home to us.